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Post by Paksennarion on Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:15 pm

Academy Students: may learn E rank jutsu along with two D ranks.
Genin: may learn E-D rank jutsu.
Chuunin: may learn E-C rank jutsu along with two B rank.
Special Jounin: may learn E-B rank jutsu along with one A rank.
Jounin: may learn E-A rank jutsu with one S rank.
Anbu: may learn E-A rank with 3 S rank jutsu.

The chakra cost for jutsu is as follows:

E rank=1-2
D rank=3-4
C rank=4-5
B rank=5-6
A rank=7-8
S rank=9-10

Some custom jutsu may have a higher or lower CK cost.

To learn jutsu one must post a training post. Training posts can be denied if they lack an acceptable level of RP skill, grammar and or actual content pertaining to training said jutsu.

E rank jutsu - 200 words.
D rank jutsu - 400 words.
C rank jutsu - 800 words.
B rank jutsu - 1,000 words.
A rank jutsu - 1,200 words.
S rank jutsu - 1,500 words.

Starting characters have a set number of jutsu:

Academy Student: Henge, Bunshin no jutsu, Kawarimi
Genin: 4 E-D rank jutsu
Chuunin: 8 E-C rank jutsu
Special Jounin: 12 E-B rank jutsu
Jounin: 14 E-A rank jutsu
Anbu 16 E-A rank jutsu. We wont be starting with anbu members though.
Kage: 20 E-S rank jutsu


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