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Post by Shinobiwan on Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:12 pm

1. Please absolutely No God Modding or you'll be Banned. Your character is not invincible. They can't block or dodge everything. Nor can they always land a hit.

2. Do whatever a Admin or Moderator tells you to do within reason

3. If you have a problem with another member or anyone else please PM me or any Admin or Mod

4. Do not create any thread saying you are leaving

5. No spamming the c box

6.Keep sig size in a reasonable size

7. No flashing Avatars or Signatures

8. Polls must have at least 2 choices.

9. When making your poll, be sure to promote discussion, to back up the choice they made

10. Please write a minimum of 4 full sentences when your Role playing.

11. We would also really appreciate it if you, could use proper English. We're not asking for perfection. But at least post something we can all understand.

12. Please don't force play a person's character. It also relates to god-modding. You can't say you land a hit, without giving the other person a chance to block. Or you can't move someone's character from point A to B without their permission.

13. There are also no Cannon Characters. That means you will have to create your own.

14. Please speak in 3rd person whenever you role play.

15. Please don't Role play in more than two places at once.

16. Double accounts are not allowed. This will be considered as Hacking. And could lead to you being banned from the site.

17. If you choose to have two characters. They may be from separate villages. Or which ever way works best. But your two characters shouldn't be in the same place at once. Nor should you use one of your character to train another.

18.Your character can only join things they know about.So a person can't just pop out of nowhere an say they know everything that is happening.

19.When killing your character please give your character a convincing real death, dont just kill your character in an unreal way, if you do your post will be void and your character will not be considered dead until you give him/her a convincing death.

20.Your character cannot be from two clans.

21.You cannot combine bloodlines or clans to make a new clan or bloodline.

22.If a topic says private you must ask the person who made the topic if it's okay if you can post in the topic.

23.You can't be in two places at the same time

24.Anything that promotes illegal acts are not allowed and if caught doing so you will be banned.

25.Only Chuunin or higher ranked ninja are allowed to leave their village to join an organization or become or be trained by missing-nin

26.Only mods and admins are allowed to post in a person's app.

27.You may use the avatar of a character from another anime, game, movie etc. but you may not use any of the techniques from that anime you must make your own so if your using a character from bleach as your charcter please dont give him a jutsu to go shikai or bankai.This is a naruto rpg and it should stay a naruto rpg

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